Contributor’s Guide to Registration


I’m judging by the fact that you’re now reading this that you have or are expressing an interest in getting involved with independent publishing. It follows that you may be new to this and need fortifying for the current UI. Don’t fret, it’s very straight-forward. We use a WordPress-based interface and it allows for about as much customization as you could want, be it simple or more sophisticated. So here are the steps to connecting with our platform. As I said, it’s fairly straight forward (5-20 minutes).

Step 1 : Provide us with your Chosen Username and Email Address and we will send you the invite into the system. (If you prefer, you can also provide your PirateMTL contact/referral with them too and they’ll still find their way)

Step 2 : Register your account with the link. In the Future, the login link will be

Step 3 : Go to the user profile section the ( and create your profile*

*One of our contributors is a professional photographer and she is doing the head-shots for the profile pages (should you want that done).

Step 4: You can go into the “Add New Post” link that’s on both the top bar and the lefthand bar. As you’ll see, it’s a very simple setup and you’re able to play with small matters of formatting without having it slow down your writing process.

Step 5: Voilà

Any further news or précis will be communicated to you on the (preferably non-email) platform of your choice. And with that, good luck.


PirateMTL Senior Editor