Album Review: Dizastra’s “Hell’s Gate” 

  Dizastra, the self-described “blackened thrash metal” band from Montreal released their long awaited first album “Hell’s Gate”. The band projects occult and religious themes, proving that they’re not just metal-heads with their heads up their asses. And proof of their originality can be found in the band’s name; “The word dizastra is derived from Middle French désastre and that from Old Italian disastro, which in turn comes from the Greek pejorative prefix δυσ-, (dus-) “bad” and the latin (astra), “star”. The root of the word disaster (“bad star” in Greek) comes from an astrological sense of a calamity blamed on the sight of planets and comets. Ancient civilizations used the word to denote a sign of “the end” or “misfortunes” that were upon them.”

(Taken from the band’s facebook page)

Waiting for us at Hell’s Gate, we have Matteo Conti on lead vocals, which doesn’t distracts him from shredding axe; Denis Stoisin, brutalizing guitars left and right, Matthew B.Alls (Couillard) demolishing drums, and JD Buldoc slappin’ the life outta the bass.  Jordan B of Venomenon and Depwine recorded the album for his friends.

  Coming from different thrash or black metal bands previously, such as Powered By Death, Dissension, Forbidden Sin and Warnatic, the crew definitely has some experience under their belts.  Somehow incorporating traditional thrash and old school black metal with heavy grooves and clean cutting melodies.

(Taken from the band’s facebook page)

Track Listing:

1. Dark Matter

2. Blood Moon

3. The Abyss

4. Hell’s Gate

  Starting off melodically brutal, as if Kerry King from Slayer was leading them to the chemical warfare, with “Dark Matter”, gentle yet growling leads create an eerily ambient intro for cruel vocals.  The ensemble grows darker as the riffs get heavier and louder over the piercing leads. Extreme energy emanates from the drums, accented by the bass the whole thing plunges in to a bloody break down. The descending scales display how tight the rhythm follows.

“Blood Moon” brings forth intelligently black metal leads elegantly complementing the classic thrash riffs.  it’s as if Venom and Anthrax had a love child and bred this specific sound.  It’s a mad mix of classic thrash and vintage black metal.

“The Abyss” creates a wall of distinguishable noise similar to the operatic, epic feeling of a Behemoth or Dissection song.  Classic black metal guitar leads pierce through the heavy, toned down riffs.

The main gourmet course and final track on the list is “Hell’s Gate”.  Ambient, cruel noise seeps through the speakers then comes the gory riffs, pummeling drum beats and crunchy vocals.

  As a whole, “Hell’s Gate” is definitely a track to take down for old school thrash and black metal lovers.  The crucifying leads and heavy grooves of the album are an intelligent mix with a ton of energy and integrity to their art. Being part of the local Montreal underground, they’re avid supporters and fans of the grimey sewers of music here as well. .