Bringing PirateMTL into open waters

We are launching a small beg-a-thon for funds so we can steer our fine vessel towards new horizons, out of the clutches of, and into the much vaster waters of We also would like to bring you an even better, more comprehensive theme for the site, to help make the site more user-friendly, and more fun to use. The funds raised will be used to pay for hosting from, and for the HEAP Theme, by pixelgrade, which can be found at We hope this will help grow our site and bring our users more of the amazing and creative content that can only be found in our fine vessel. We would also like to point out that this change will not affect the interface for our authors, and if anything it will simplify it.

Our current target is about $150. We do not require anyone to donate, but anything helps. Any donations given are guaranteed to be used exclusively for the site, with no profits nor personal use. We will give regular updates as to how close to our goal we are. We hope to have moved the site by the beginning of March. Thank you for any help.

To donate, click this link: Donate