Album Review/Sterile Jets/No Gods No Loss

This months album review is sponsored by Independent Music Promotions.  All media content was sent to me personally for this article by James Moore.

The Sterile Jets are an experimental noise rock, dipped in old school metal that play with post punk and bend sound, they hail from Long Beach, California, and will be  releasing a new album titled “No Gods No Loss” with 10 heavy tracks that last a good  minutes on May 4th, 2017.

They’ve already teased us with a music video for their track “Fireside Drive“,  composed entirely of clips, PSA’s and movies from the public domain.  The band’s already toured Northern California in May of 2015.

Click here for the video!

The trio is composed of Robert Bly Moore on guitar and vocals, Wm B.ILL Partnoff on bass and vocals and GS Bean on drums, the album’s produced by Bil Lane and The Sterile Jets.  The noise produced is like a mix of Metallica and the Melvins with Charles Bukowski’s grim outlook yet beautiful penmanship.  Not your typical grimey and crude punk band, but intelligent and raw in creating art.

Track Listing:
1. The Arsonist
2. Rehabilitated Truth
3. Go Out And Bleed
4. Piss On Your God
5. Soliloquy Of A Heartbroken Loner
6. Fireside Drive (first single/video)
7. White Satan
8. A Sterile Existence
9. Free Pork Bougie
10. Olive Spoil

“The Arsonist riffs through with heavy hitting grooves and punk lines and heavy-hardcore breakdowns.  The noise and feedback illuminate the droning riffs and fast paced drums.  Their second song, “Rehabilitated Truth” rings out like a heavy and baron Eyehategod riff with impending drums that lack mercy and accerlate to insanity like a Rudimentary Peni song.  “Go Out and Bleed” is when the influence of old post-punk bands, like Flipper come out, the heavy distorted riffs, distant yet angry vocals and aggressive rhythm.  “Piss on your God” yields groove, offensive and controversial lyrics with fast paced drums and pissed off riffs.  The 5th track “Soliliquy of a Heartbroken Loner”,  is a 23 second psychedelic sounding punk-lyric ridden song that ends all too quickly, with the wrath of Jello Biafra’s  angry yet goofy voice.  “Fireside Drive’ tones the mood in to a dimmer light with some darker Smashing Pumpkins-esque feeling with a more punk vocalist. The almost electric yet ambient sounding intro of “White Satan”  continues this dim feel, while incorporating more heavy distorted noise and manic sounding vocals.  Slowly it builds up the insanity in a psychedelic rock sounding way. “Sterile Existence” reels us back in to the heavy, distorted noise of stoner rock while “Free Pork Bougie” thrashes back with hardcore punk’s heavy madness and speed mixed with an almost Cramps sounding groove.  Definitely a taste of the best and heaviest past, the last song “Olive Spoil”.  The smart and clean cutting outro is heavy and fast ringing of Choking Victim’s “Apple Pie & Police State” while still taking inspiration from the legend, Jimmy Bower.