SINGLE REVIEW: Venomenon’s new “ODD” single

New single, ODD, straight from Grimey MTL’s youtube channel!

Montreal’s very own Venomenon, consisting of Jordan ‘No Fun’ Barillaro from Depwine [hardcore punk, grunge] on vocals and shredding guitar; Petey Giampa destroying the drums, and Scott Stephens slashing on bass, have come out with a brand new single, Odd.

 The band’s been at it since April of 2009, tearing up local venues like Crobar, DH (ask-a-Punk), Cafe Chaos, Turbo Haus, and Katacombs, as well as being interviewed on the radio waves by CJLO and reviewed twice by BucketList Review.  That being said, these gentlemen have been around the block once or twice, and even in the depths of St-Henri’s infamous tracks.

And now, review.
[Press play]…A riff, drenched in radness… emphasized with drum kicks… gradually building up to release a raging rush of classic thrash…  vocals wailing-in…it’s straight out of an 80’s groove metal late-night gig… so groovy… linking riffs to a round-about shred-fest… aaand here, the sounds of Petey completely savaging the drum kit…

 The kick of this song is exhilarating: it’s the kind of song you blast on the way to your friend’s first fucking metal show.  If Iommi, of Black Sabbath, and Rollins, from Black Flag, had a love child and then made sweet, ‘Sweet Leaf’-love to a groovy Anthrax, it would produce a sound quite similar to ODD– and what more could us local Montreal metal-heads ask for, right?