DEPWINE: Album Review of ‘LOATHE’s Senior Music Editor Grace reviewed DEPWINE’s newest album. As she does, she later met-up with them in a forest, for an in-depth interview, The transcript/video of that interview will be posted separately. Stay tuned!


  Your favourite local corner store is overflowing with the cheap shit, but now you can drink the cheap shit and listen to (the better) Depwine’s LOATHE out now! Contact the Grimey MTL crew for a copy at only 5$ a pop!

  This purebred punk band is made up of Thomas Papakostas of Grimey MTL on guitar, Toby Gee of Cuntagious on vocals, the underground artist Nate Newton and Jordan NoFun of Venomenon on bass.  The four boast an incredible variety of original punk, thrash metal, grunge, and grungy-doom to draw on for inspiration and ear bleeding noise paired with aggressive energy for live shows.

  In short, this album is not for noise-haters, feedback-bitchers, or hardcore-dancers.

[Press Play]
The first track off this EP is a self-titled one. “Depwine” comes in with similar riffs to Black Flag’s 1985 sound, where grunge mixes with noisy drums…  The punk riffs turn the vocals into rally-shouting, filled with aggression, slowing to grungy noise… lost in the mix, we feel the youth’s aggression to get wine-hammered at the closest convenient store– or “dépanneur” for my franco homies…  Very much Black Sabbath meets Nirvana, with a bassline and vocals reminiscent of Black Flag.

  The next, “Make Me Crazy”, is much more Germs-inspired; the energy and quick rhythm changes make for a perfect anthem of moshes. With Henry Rollins-inspired vocals, and with the chaotic aggression of underground early punk, this song really demonstrates how the artists drew individual influences from their favorite original bands. 

  The beginning of the next track, “Depressed”,  is filled with heavy riffs and rap-style lyrics, bleeding into a constant breakdown-feel of Eyehategod while the music gradually builds up giving it a twist of black flag again.  The muted riffs fade in with aggression beautifully to hear the lyrics and then build up to this ear splitting wall of noise. “Depressed” seems to be another anthem to the angsty youth of today’s revolutionary generation.  Punk shines through the doom and grunge with this one.

  “Sped up”.. Black Flag-esque, once again, in a a sort of anthem-themed arrangement. Personally, i’d see it as an ode to the Rockin’n’Rolla’s lifestyle. The laid back, non-fuck-giving attitude, along with the crusty screams, roll-out to a beautifully synchronized rhythm section with guitar and vocals playfully fuxking with the crowds angsty mosh-mood.  BF gets once again revived for a chaotic confusion of a guitar solo. Once again the rhythm section beautifully underlines the confusion.

  I also noticed some of Eyehategod’s lovely influence: heavy hands ripping the strings out of the guitars with each misanthropic strum of the guitar, with a fade-out to bass. It’s like Black Sabbath’s rhythm with Eyehategod’s confusion. Hatred and raw energy would best describe this rage-soaked song. “LOATHE” was quite the delectable crush to sink your broken teeth in to on the ending note of this album.

  Overall, the furious four have created an album that comes off as a tribute to what original music sounded like.  Passion-fueled artists drawing from their own personal love of their own genres, while not restricting themselves to those genres exclusively.  The mesh creates a beautiful orchestration of Punk *cough* Thomas *cough*, Thrash *cough* Jordan *cough* *hacking loogie*, Stoner/Sludge Metal, and Grunge *cough* Nate Newton *cough cough*. This LOATHE EP is slimier than the mess on your bathroom floor after your favourite show — and we’re all richer for it.

  A big thanks to the band, and stay tuned in for a VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH THESE LOVELY FUCKS!

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