Lamb of God’s new single, “The Duke”: An Ode to a Close Friend & Fan.

(Check out Rolling Stone’s interview with Randy!)

Thursday, October the 20th,  Lamb of God released a brand spanking new track off their upcoming album, to be released November 18th.  The song, “The Duke“, sounds completely different from their past albums, as the band evolves into a groovier, smoother sound.  Frontman & vocalist Randy Blythe covers the topics of his personal philosophy and ethic, while conveying the heavy loss of his close friend & fan of the band, Wayne Ford, who died of leukemia.

  After a brief hiatus due to personal issues and Blythe’s court case, the band was busy doing side projects, such as Randy’s book, and the As Palaces Burn documentary.  Even the year they went on hiatus, in 2015, they still came out with an album.

  As mentioned, the song brings forth a new sound; in the beginning resembling the vocals and heavy chugging riffs of Ghost; then, later bringing back their original death metal sound for all us longtime fans, reminding us of Sacrement(2006) or Wrath(2009).  Randy Blythe’s new clean vocals are shockingly refreshing, while Chris Adler’s impeccable drumming, as always, holds it down.  The dysphoric lyrics remind us of the fragility of our lives.  It conveys a mourning process that takes us through acceptance and, by the end of it, leaves us the weight of a heavy heart.