Underground Rising: Grimey MTL

       We live in an age where it’s easy to get disconnected, distracted and basically just get lost in the shuffle of things. Our city is a great example of this, especially in the music scene. Montreal is host to amazing and talented musicians, but it goes without saying that there is so much going on here that it tends to feel over-saturated sometimes. 

       Being a kid raised on the sounds of the underground, I wanted to shine a light on something really cool that’s happening in the Montreal Metal/Punk/Rock scene:  Grimey MTL

put another way…

Grimey MTL T-shirt Design

       Grimey’s purpose is to unite local musicians and bands and help push them into the next level. They do this through promoting the bands on their website with pictures, bios, music, etc. They’ve also begun to book their own shows and have seen great success thus far – ask around. 

Toby from Depwine performing at Crobar to a packed crowd.

       This past January 15th saw their epic release show at Crobar featuring Gutser, Depwine and Commercial Radio. What made this show stand out from most was that there was a solid, consistent line-up of true-to-the-bone punk rockers. And as most of you in the scene will know by now, most bookers these days only aim to make as much money as possible. Therefore, they go ahead and lump way too many bands ranging from too many different styles for the sole purpose of trying to fill the venue. It’s rare to find an honest booker these days who understands the art of putting together a concert that both the fans and the bands would enjoy.

       Grimey’s release show was a big success and, for fans of local Punk/Metal/Rock, the act of drinking and raging under a new grassroots movement went beyond the 5$ spent at the door.

Commercial Radio opening the night
Commercial Radio opening the night

       The 3 guys behind this project are Thomas Papakostas (C.E.O, project manager, creative coordinator), Alex Ahmarani (accounting and project coordinator) and Jordan Barillaro (creative and project coordinator). What makes these dudes different is that they have invested interest in our music: sharing and injecting it with their combined experiences in music, artwork, promotions, recording, producing, economics and concert booking. It should also be said that Papakostas and Barillaro are both in bands of their own (Depwine and Venomenon) and understand what it takes to put on a good show for both the crowd and the guys facing em’. 

       The best part about Grimey MTL is that they aren’t in this for the money or the fame (as you’ll see bellow), they just want to bring bands and fans together to see the kind of concerts and line-ups that deliver on their promise. They give musicians (like me) a solid platform to; be seen and heard in this city; meet new people in Punk/Rock/Metal; help get albums out and promoted, and even sing with you on the night bus.

       If you’re looking for a new dose of local kick-ass music, or just want to let loose at a killer rock’n’roll show, the next concert, Riffer Madness, at Crobar this Friday February 5th features another set of Grimey affiliates such as Powered by Death, Venomenon and Chronolith. Best of all, It’s FREE. So come on down to Crobar this Friday and experience firsthand what all the buzz is about. 

This Friday at Crobar: Venomenon, Powered by Death and Chronolith. FREE SHOW

Written by : Matt Conti
Cultural Correspondant,
Vocals/Guitar –> Dizastra
Drums –> Commercial Radio

Photos by : Devan K-M
Freelance Photographer