Human Darts: an album review of “Explicit Thoughts”

 This week’s article was sent to me & paid for by IMP.

  One-hit-wonder, sonic-sci-fi,  garage-rock band from the 70’s come back to create another full, loud and fun album for everyone and anyone to jam along to with simple yet flavorful songs. Their newest album, “Explicit Thoughts”, released October 25th, 2016, is apparently the shout-out to the extraterrestrial sounds heard from space, and signed with Ruin Records.

Their 70’s song that got them recognition and golden opportunities:

The band started out as three guys just jamming, as they often do, with Shane Close on vocals/guitar and John Arduser rocking on guitar. One of the most striking aspects about the band is the anonymous drummer, lead vocalist and keyboard player, Mr. Zelk; obsessed with toys, aliens and pets?

Although his identity has been somewhat of a mystery, the music has been appreciated America-wide and even in Japan, all in the the underground scenes. Extremely under-appreciated by the masses, The Human Darts are definitely underrated. These guys even donate a portion of their band income from straight to the homeless!



1. Tell My Sister

2. Zombie Chant

3. Hey Good Lookin’ (Hank Williams cover)

4. Stitches 

“Tell My Sister” is an ode to a brother looking out for his beloved sister from the point of view of a sonic, garage-rock, just-younger-than-Dad-aged guy.  The sister’s date gets an earful of a tug-of-war between teasing beats, and subtly threatening punk riffs.

“Zombie Man Chant” comes through the speakers taking us back to the roaring 70’s vibe of The Cramps,  illustrating the struggles of a rocker through the post-apocalyptic, typical zombie fantasy,  the anthem of sci-fi and getting high.  Straight psychobilly, and super bitchin’, if I may say so myself.

“Hey, Good Lookin'” brings forth their fun, with an interesting mix of The Dead Milkmen and The Ramones. The Hank Williams cover was transformed into an old-timer’s punk beat, with keyboards adding some zesty culture and class to this country standard.

The last and most psychobilly, yet punk of them all. . .”Stitches” is the 4th track and grand finale.  It is probably the most meaningful and lyrically romantic song on their fun-loving EP.  Instrumentally, the solos, riffage and build-ups are beautifully choreographed to become a catchy, non-stop garage-rock tune in your head.

Although different from their original sound, “Explicit Thoughts” is still through and through The Human Darts signature and polished-off sound. The plainspoken & fun-loving lyrics are straight from a geek’s daydream turned wild.