Bitter’s Kiss: Music Video review of “My God”

(This time for my IMP review, I received a single/music video to cover by Bitter's Kiss.  This content was paid for by IMP.)

Bitter’s Kiss is young singer/songwriter Chloe Baker’s music project. Her kindness and passion elegantly shine through her new music video, My God.


The video starts off with portrait shots of ethnically different people from around the world. Then, in transition, we’re shown scenes from different Third World countries in Europe and Africa, whereafter the America we are most familiar with, enters the screen.

Her voice throughout the song is fused with indie-jazz guitar riffs, percussion, a simple drumbeat and a jazzy baseline.  I would categorize the style as a sort of mix of modern indie-jazz-pop.  The subject matter purports a raw reflection of her personal experiences.

Melodic, sorrowful, strong, and lusting for humanity’s redemption, My God has even found room to be aspiration– with the line that would best sum up her powerful message being:

“My God is better than your God /Is better than her God/ And this God is better than his God/ Is better than their God/ But is all the same God”

“Everyone looks a different way/When they pray”


This lovely and strong-minded young lady is a growing independent artist with quite a head on her shoulders! For more of her music check out her youtube channel.