Crobar was overflowing with punks and drunks Friday night in celebration of Montreal’s own punk band Cuntagious’ EP release show.  The band consists of metal head, Tom Stronarch (“gaytar” and backing vocals), Hyper active crust punk Toby Gee (Bassist, and lead vocals), and their incredibly clean cut, rock loving drummer, David Fernandez.  The three have quite different musical backgrounds, but all throw in bits that work well together.  The combination leaves no room for songs that sound the same, the trio manages to get the most out of their musical diversity as bandmates.

The Derp Noodles made up of Egan Chambers on lead guitar and vocals, Jeffrey Lehberg on guitar and vocals and Max Laramee on bass.  Viciously derping away to their folk songs.

And then the Ashtray Heart, a ‘nasty’, rock n roll punk band made up of apparently 2 and sometimes 3 people, spewing alternative garage punk all over the crowd.

The Costanzas, made of chillers Conor Antenucci on vocals and bass, Nick Brown on guitar, Alex Pace on guitar/moog mg-1,  Thomas Belanger on drums.  Stoner, punk rock, casually experimenting and wrapping it up beautifully. NOFX as a more than possible influence, yet still making it their own.

Hitch Hike Rats, a stoner-thrash rock band, brought to you by vocalist, Anthony, guitarist Mike, bassist Julien, and drummer Guillaume. They played an aggressively heavy set and set the tone for a killer night. A vehemently powerful band with a sound to match.

Cuntagious came on to the stage with an ever growing crowd of drunk punks ready to mosh Crobars venue to the ground.  They started off with some original UK punk mixed with Black Flag. Sounding  edgy and fast passed , “Fuck My Dick ( Chop It Off)” is charged with frustration and a punks fucked up humour, it had the crowd going in no time. Fast paced and starting out with classic “oi oi oi oi”.

They then played “Alleyways & Forties”,  another pure punk song of being poor and sober with the worst hangover.  Possible Rancid influence, with their own interpretation of punk puked in there.

The heavy bluesy intro of “Mimosa” filled the venue.  The song was dedicated to buying Mimosa’s in this godforsaken world.

Ratt$’ intro comes in rough and strong, with yelling raspy vocals that slow into a punk breakdown and a hella rad guitar solo.

When “Vlad The Impaler” crept up on the crowd with iyt’s heavy rock feel, the moshing got sweatier, and the crowd got bigger. When Toby uttered that first “Unh” after the bass line, the guitar came in causing a gradual build up with the drums, until the music ceases for “I AM VLAD” and then pure noise explodes the tension and Toby kicks in with his best Romanian accent.

“CockBlock” hit with faster passed chords and attacking vocals, leading up to a catchy guitar riff that drew a bigger crowd and got the venue pumped.

Unfortunately, “Fuck You, Fairy Boy” wasn’t on their EP, but they killed live at their EP release show. Simple, catchy, angry and fun to yell along to, the moshing’s intensity grew even more for Crobar’s smaller venue. Coming back around with their original, pure punk feel with “Happiness Is Just A Bottle Away”, almost a Black Flag sound during the Henry Rollins era.  The care-free frustration with the perfect touch of aggression led up to insane drumming by the end leaving the crowd tired and sweaty for their last song.

“Post Traumatic Sex Disorder(PTSD)” they dedicated to their drummer.  Tearing into it with a clean guitar riff and building up to Tom and Toby’s raw punk vocals with another riff to build on the chaos.

All the bands played a killer show, and it was great to be a part of that big of a mosh pit at Crobar’s homey little venue. CD’s were sold for 5$ and are still up for grabs featuring their songs:


By Grace Karam