Travelling Through the Stars

We live in a world surrounded by energies, positive and negative ones, one is very different from another, but they are part of the same spectrum. I’ve seen and felt both of them, for 2 years I was dominated by the negative. It’s not a matter of why but a matter of being. You change your frequency and by changing it you change your thought patterns. Things that were sweet become sour and enjoyable activities become monotonous and without feeling. You become numb to the world and the world becomes numb to you. Things become grey: you don’t see love, you can’t feel it, it’s like it never existed. It was all an illusion, like a static screen where you are not living anymore, you’re simply there. When you get in touch with love again, everything changes, what was impossible becomes possible, your entire world turns upside down and you start to see beauty in things. The purpose of living on Earth is to keep everyone from suffering. Everyone is trying to live their lives without suffering, trying to scrape joy from anything; trying to see the bright side of a somber moon. We are all humans, we all suffer and from this suffering we learn. We learn about the most important thing, love, and without it we are nothing. Love is what makes our world livable. This is not a hippie text, but just reflections of someone who has been in the dark but has also seen great beauty. Happiness is the answer: there are plenty of ways to find it, plenty of reasons to go after it and don’t let anyone get in your way, don’t let anyone tell you what to do, because in the end only you know what is good for your soul. We all have souls, we all have to connect, feel each other, feel what another feels, feel what people have to say, feel their problems, their souls, their stories, their life. Get in touch with life, feel it, talk to it, walk with it. We are only certain of what we can see and feel, and maybe this is all we have. Maybe we have something afterwards but, one thing is for sure, if we know we are going to die, why not enjoy the little time we have here to love and share what we have with those who are next to us? Skip everything and talk to your brothers and sisters. Do everything you always wanted to do, don’t feel ashamed of love, of being loved. Don’t be ashamed of your feelings; don’t be ashamed of being human, that’s what make us special, that’s what separates us from the nothing. Feel it. Feel it. Enjoy it. Live it and accept it.

Erlon Jr.