Is Ecotourism the Answer?

Based on the title, you’d be well in your place to wonder what ecotourism solves. Well… basically… from us, humankind. I’m sure everyone reading this has already heard of this proverb, “You never know the value of what you have till you lose it.” This is a great example on how the world felt once they came to realize the real threat and consequences that has begotten our generation and the next, due to decades of pollution to our atmosphere and environment. Ecotourism’s demand skyrocketed in recent years, as the notion of global warming’s threat sank into the hearts of many. I remember a time when scientists and ecologists (and Al Gore) preached about the impending danger. However, no one paid any attention. Today, on the other hand, people listen; research all the actions and laws that have been placed to counter our past wrongdoings. The ecosystem has once again regained its importance, and as someone who’s studied ecology, I would like to see it restored to its former glory, and I believe ecotourism may just be that path that leads us to our objective.

4Rivers floating lodge, Koh Kong province, Cambodia
4Rivers floating lodge, Koh Kong province, Cambodia.

After seeing such peaceful scenery, away from the urban jungle, who could say no to such a place? 4Rivers is the place to go to for some relaxation and tranquility. Located in the province of Koh Kong in Cambodia, the eco-friendly floating lodge provides a variety of activities that includes hiking through the jungle, canoeing through the mangroves, bathing under the Tatai waterfalls, cruising along the river and as well as a giant swimming pool for your daily pleasure right in your backyard. There is so much to see and appreciate in the world, from Lake Yak Loum, formed in the crater of an extinct volcano in the Province of Ratanakiri, Cambodia, to the majestic waterfalls of Niagara Falls in the border of Canada and the US. These are but a few of examples I could immediately think of that are available to us to explore, discover and re-connect with the very thing which we once abandoned in the past.

Lake Yak Loum, Ratanakiri province, Cambodia

Therefore, I truly believe that, only through the proliferation of ecotourism, will we be able to re-open the eyes of many, as they themselves have to experience what these places has to offer them, and that it would definitely be a shame to see these potential areas to go to waste, to have it ruined by our greed and ignorance as we continue to expand and evolve. Also, do enjoy the places you see, through the lenses of your eyes, not that of your devices.

In commemoration for Earth Day, the video below highlights the wonders of our planet (HD recommended, of course).

Happy Earth Day to all!

– Vithya Arthur Say