Sergakis Forces Le Bull Pub To Close Its Doors FOREVER After April 22, 2015

With much sadness we regret to inform you that Le Bull Pub will be closing its doors today, forever. Le Bull holds a very special place in the hearts of all Montrealers, especially those on the westside. Whether you were there for a university event, a local band’s show, or just for some classic late night pool; when you were at Le Bull, you felt at home. This laid back, friendly, and comfortable vibe dates back over 100s years, to 1898 when the family-run establishment first opened its doors. The bar’s original location, was two blocks east on Ste. Catherine Street, and is what you now know as Cock’n’Bull. The owner, Ellen McCaan was forced into moving locations when Peter Sergakis bought the building the bar was located in, and finagled them out. As a Montreal native I have watched Sergakis take over Ste. Catherine Street West from Atwater to Guy, all within the past 10 years; evicting dozens of stores, restaurants and bars along the way. Unfortunately the Sergakis monopoly has had it’s way yet again, and after today, the McCann family is devastated to announce that there will no longer be a Le Bull Pub.

-Sloane Montgomery