3 Reasons Why Evolve is Worth your Coin

Have you ever felt like everyone was against you in a visibly uneven fight, yet you still feel like you may still make it. I guess it’s a bit like playing Marco Polo in the park or even British Bulldog… Well that’s the feeling you get while playing Evolve: by far one of my favorite games and one of the best games to date! For those who don’t know what Evolve is, it’s basically a video game where one person plays as a monster that feeds on wildlife to grow more powerful while four more players try to kill it. That being said, here are the top 3 reasons this game is worth it.

avatar_48537811- Turtle Rock Studios                                                                                                                   If you want an idea of how good this game is, it was made by the same company behind the iconic Left 4 Dead series. Not only are their standards high, but the team is truly amazing, unlike companies like, say, Valve, when fans ask for something, they (usually) deliver. Moreover, they understand what players want, so they made it so all maps made in the future will be absolutely free of charge and only the optional extra characters and skins would cost money.

Evolve22- A New Idea                                                                                                                               The general idea of this game is completely different than what we are used to seeing in AAA titles nowadays. I mean sure, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was good and they added new mechanics and stuff but, bottom line, it’s basically the same idea as every other first person shooter game. Yes, I know Evolve is also a FPS (not when you’re the monster) but Turtle Rock pushed themselves and delivered a very different game that exceeded most’s expectations. I mean, can you name me another astonishing game that lets you destroy everything as a monster? Didn’t think so…

dialogue3- Backstory                                                                                                                                 Games like Dishonoured (check it out, its really good) and Five Nights at Freddy’s were known for keeping some hidden lore about the game. In other words, games like these include so little detail about a giant universe to explore that people are free to import their own theories and narratives. The same is true of Evolve, the game mentioned so little about the story and leaves (so) many clues towards the backstory that it compels you to want to learn more about the game’s universe.

Overall, I say that this game is well worth the money; it runs as smoothly as a ripple-less lake on my Xbox, there are little to no glitches, the devs know what they’re doing and it delivers new and exciting content. I appreciate the time you’ve put into reading me, now if you’ll excuse me….I got monsters to shoot…