Study shows that US $67 billion was spent on gaming equipment in 2014

According to a survey conducted by Jon Peddie Research at the recentmost Game Developers Conference, $ 67 billion was spent worldwide in gaming equipment. This includes computers, consoles, mobile phones and peripheral gear.

As expected, computers lead the list, with 33% of the total market share. This is understandable, since PCs and other computers,  tend to have more expensive games compared to consoles, for which the prices can reach around $ 400.
The consoles, in fact, are in the third place with 16%, after cellphones, which hold 23% of the market share. This is the platform that is becoming increasingly popular for games. The portables, in their turn, saw a decrease and accounted for 3% of total expenditure.


The last position is occupied by Android consoles like the Ouya. Jon Peddie Research believes that the industry will grow more than 50%, going from $ 33 million, the current value, to $ 75 million in 2018. The portables accounted for only $ 2 billion, but the research company believes that there will always be this niche market because some people do not want to trade controls for the touch screens.

The company also made a progress chart for PC graphics powers, consoles and mobiles, implying that iPads will increasingly close down the consoles, given the rapid growth of mobile technologies. The PC, of course, leads, and is expected to exceed 10 TFLOPS somewhere between 2016 and 2017.

When new consoles were released: the Xbox One had 1.31 TFLOPS* and PlayStation 41.84 TFLOPS. The most powerful PC card, the GTX Titan, scored 4.5 TFLOPS, and the iPad Air 20.23 TFLOPS. However, comparisons are not that simple since the consoles are 2 times more efficient than PCs, due chiefly to their specialization, according to John Carmack, the gaming expert known by those in the field as the legendary Doom programmer.

*As per : ”A megaFLOPS (MFLOPS) is equal to one million floating-point operations per second, and a gigaFLOPS (GFLOPS) is equal to one billion floating-point operations per second. AteraFLOPS (TFLOPS) is equal to one trillion floating-point operations per second.”


– Motto Sadamotto