DiscoverMTL: Raychel


Have you ever been amazed by the overload of talent here in Montréal? As a multidisciplinary artist, it blows my mind every day. In every neighbourhood, there are so many great young artists waiting to be discovered, and the big majority of them are actually more than great!

Montréal’s art scene has always been very strong and constantly growing, ranging from dance,  film, independent theatre companies, visual arts, music and many other forms of art, these most often being combined to create even stronger projects or ideas. The funds attributed to supporting upcoming artistic projects are constantly getting cut and reduced, but this has not stopped our talented city from producing. Making it harder for artists has in fact motivated artists to find new ways of being exposed and moving forward with their projects, and also has pushed many to collaborate with each other rather than being in a constant competition.

With so many talented people and so few of them getting funded, most of our artists must self-fund themselves either by paying out of their own pocket, hoping to get reimbursed with a successful outcome, or by using platforms like “indiegogo” or “kickstarter” to get their projects out, or by creating fundraiser events or campaigns to finance as much of the project as possible. At least once a week, I like to discover a new underground Montreal Artist or project to support. I can honestly say that everything I find has a very interesting twist to it and is really worth the pursuit.

Recently, one of my new discoveries has been Raychel, a singer/pianist accompanied by a few musicians and a backup singer. I have seen many singer/pianists before, I’ve especially heard so many that sounded the same and unoriginal, however this artist has managed to blow me away and I’ve been lucky to see her play twice now (both times being excellent). This was nothing like the cheesy classic “same sad 4-chords the whole way through” type of songs we’ve all heard a friend play on a piano before, this was sincere talent. Her hands are all over the piano, crossing over each other, doing things that are definitely difficult to play and very technical, and all this while singing. Not only does she have a great voice and hit every note perfectly, but her voice is actually very unique and full of emotion.  Her first EP “Pretty And Misplaced” has just been released and with a good recording quality  and very reasonable price considering it was entirely self-funded, just like the album launch was. If you like smooth, melodic “cabaret” style music and are looking for a new artist to support, I highly recommend listening to her.

-Natacha Giguère