How many colors can you see?


The controversial dress’ image that went viral last Thursday on social networks has generated a lot of discussions about why people see the dress with different colors (blue and black or white and gold). According to the American teacher Diana Derval, an expert in neuromarketing, the nuances of colors that the human beings see depends on the number and distribution of cones (color receptors) in their eyes. Only 25% of people have a fourth cone and can see colors as they are. To prove this, the teacher proposed a test that we, in turn, pose to you. How many shades of color you can tell in the picture below?

If you see less than 20 colors: you’re a dicromate The individual with this characteristic has only two types of cones. 25% of the population is dicromate. If you see between 20 and 32 colors: you’re a tricomate In this condition a person has three types of cones (purple / blue, green and red). 50% of the population is tricromate. If you see between 33 and 39 colors: you’re a quadricromate These people have four kind of cones (purple / blue, green, red and yellow too). 25% of the population are quadricromate. If you see more than 39 colors:. .. you’re a phony! Post in the comments how many color you can see! -Motto Sadamotto