For the Creepy Couples of Valentines Day

Because Love

Whether you are a creepy gal or a creepy ghoul with or without a creepy date, this article is for you. From Valentine’s day horror movies, to metal shows to bring your date, to cute horror gifts from original horror shows. Thinking of a laid back night at home with your zombie lover with a movie or show playing in the back ground? Here’s a list with some suggestions to set the mood a little darker than usual: 1. “The Bride Of Frankenstein” (1935) the-bride-of-frankenstein-movie-poster-1935-1010434595   (Source: This vintage horror classic is the first sequel to “Frankenstein” (1931), staring Boris Karloff as the monster longing for a mate, which is played briefly by Elsa Lanchester. Directed by James Whale and produced by Carl Laemmle Jr. .This black and white film runs 1 hour and 15 minutes long. 2. “The Addams Family: The Winning of Morticia” episode 34 season 1 (1964) tumblr_n21oflyQeA1rgdstmo2_500  (Source: The original black and white Addams family show, the last episode of the first season. Created by Charles Addams developed by David Levi, and produced by Nat Perrin. Running for 30 minutes, more humour than horror, but always morbid this episode is short and sweet and always creepy. 3. “My Bloody Valentine” (1981) 220px-My_bloody_valentineposter (Source: Directed by George Mihalka with the story by Stephane Miller, this 80’s thrasher is more gore-horror than the previous softies. The slasher was written by John Beaird and filmed on our lovely Canadian ground in Nova Scotia. An hour and a half long movie in colour. 4. “Friday the 13th” (1980) fr (Source: Directed and produced by Sean S. Cunningham and written by Victor miller, this classic seems appropriate for this years valentines day. If you haven’t finished celebrating valentines Eve, then this movie is just for your type of creepy couple. Running time for this slasher is an hour and 35 minutes. 5. “The Bride of Chucky” (1998) bride-chucky-dvd-cover-art ( A black comedy horror directed by Ronny Yu running for an hour and 26 minutes is yet another good way to celebrate a laid back valentines with your creepy ghoul. Now as for eery gifts, here’s suggestions based on different creepy shows and movies: 1. A rose trimmed morticia style, extra thorny for your creepy girl. giphy ( 2. A lovely beheaded doll, in honor of Bloody Mary. Some fake blood can be added for extra gore.  This can also be done with a teddy bear, just lop the head off and sew up the neck to make sure the stuffing doesn’t bleed out. 3. A haunted hand filled with candy: Get some chocolate or whatever your lover prefers and fill a plastic glove with it, can be decorated with spider webs and again, fake blood for some lovely gore. If you two are itching to go out and have a romantic mosh, here’s some shows and such happening in honour of the lovely holiday: 1. Katacombs: Valentines day Metal Massacre @ 8pm Line-up: Alcoholator, Saccage, Canceric and Kaotik Playing for 10$ at Katacombs located on 1635 saints-Laurent Montreal, QC. 2. Crobar: Friday the 13th @ 8pm Line-up:Capsicus, The Scarecrows, We Crashed the Party, Bird Problems Playing for 7$ on 1221 crescent, Montreal, QC. 3. TRH Bar:SKA-LENTINES DAY SHOW @ 9pm Line-up: Happycuriens, Late Night Munchies, Meric Beaute and Fou Funk Ska3699, Sainte-Laurent, Montreal, QC. There’s always a way to turn a holiday around to make it fit yourself, I hope some creepy couples out there find this one useful.  Happy Valentines Day and Friday the 13th !