Making Songs with Strangers is Pretty Cool (18+)

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Hello there Swashbucklers,

Allow me to introduce myself, my pen name is PILL GRIM and I dabble in hip-hop creation. Hailing from Montreal, this twisted mind ‘o mine has channeled itself through pen strokes since 2004 in an attempt to lay siege to societal constructivism through off-kilter rhyme schemes. Since my first scribble, I have written approximately 1600 lines, that’s 100 16-bar verses. To anyone unaware of what this gobbledygook means, the most commonly accepted song structure of rap music is 3 verses (16 lines each) with choruses put between. None of my songs to date follow this conventional song structure.

I used to fill in my Hilroy copybooks with similes and metaphorical concepts instead of taking notes in class. I was more concerned with putting in work. By that I mean refining my craft, trying to get my flow tight and my rhymes sounding natural. Betwixt then and now, I’ve been recording songs off and on for a year or so. Lately it seemed as though my productivity had slowed to a crawl. you see, my life can best be described as an interminable cycle of writer’s block…or so I thought. I went out on a limb the other night, venturing beyond my comfort zone to record some impromptu raps with a couple of perfect strangers.

A dash of laughter and a quick dap of the hands before leaving, all in an evening’s work. That’s how my Wednesday night ended around 4am. originating as a social experiment/personal anxiety test, by the time our session was over, friendship was clearly established among us.

I’d heard their voices through SoundCloud and exchanged Facebook messages before but meeting someone in person is a whole different ball-game. Having never actually been face-to-face with them prior, taking a risk and crossing my fingers my body wouldn’t be found in the St. Lawrence river a few moons later. Upon encountering these two local lyricists (their artist aliases being Johnny Thursday and Mango The Scientist, respectively) I felt out-of-place at very first, like I may have been intruding and treading on their territory by simply being there. We shook hands, introduced ourselves to one another, shot the shit and clicked on a metaphysical level. Just like that, I no longer felt a stranger to these two gentlemen but instead part of the hive and ready for action.

Home-made cookies on deck. cigarette smoke infiltrating the basement. the following hour was the pre-game phase of our session. the seasoned ganja enthusiasts we are, this consisted of a fine white grape White Owl blunt packed with some sticky, blueberry herbal essences. mmm, mmm good. nothing quite like imported tobacco leaves ablaze to get the creative juices flowing. by some stroke of incredible luck, i noticed that Johnny Thursday had “BOHE MIAN” tattooed across both his hands…Emperor Bohe just so happens to be the name of the man who produced the beat I brought to his Thursday’s doorstep.

shortly after consuming the devil’s lettuce, we began to write our individual pieces. all in all, it took us about 4 hours to get our lyrics written and recorded on the spot. I took the longest because I was a little too faded! the option of memorizing/rehearsing beforehand was not on the table, the only time between writing and recording was spent sharing a spliff. I didn’t even have enough lines to complete my verse and we managed to do something funky with audio engineering to make up for it.

An eye-opening experience all-in-all, this is the result of a dope night. the moral of the story is…creating art with other like-minded individuals is absolutely beautiful and I recommend everybody try it should the opportunity present itself.

Given the unpredictable nature of the situation at hand and the very fact that we had no discernible semblance as to whether or not we would have had any on-beat chemistry together, I think it turned out pretty good…what about you? oh and I rap second. Feel free to follow me on SC if you dig what you hear, there’s plenty more coming. I’m planning on dropping 2 projects this year, videos, playing shows…all of that good stuff.

-Pill Grim