Some information about how to use the mag…

First and foremost, this is YOUR magazine, to use and post as you see fit; be it posting about what you do. who you are, some musings of the world as you see it, or even art in any of its many forms. You can post whenever you want, however you want. The skies the limit, so have fun.

One of the first points I want to bring to light is the account situation. For posting, a WordPress account is now required. To get one, you should go through the email you have received inviting you to the blog. If you did not receive the email, then feel free to ask Motto, Lukas or Nick to resend it to you. WordPress forces you to build a site. Keep it simple and basically click on “Next” throughout the process. Now that you have a WordPress account, return to the email invite and accept it. Once on WordPress, in “my sites” select, “Posts” and go nucking futs.

For comments however, please post them using your FACEBOOK accounts. This will hook them in, and make for a better overall user experience for all of us. To do so, underneath the comment bar, where if your logged in to WordPress, it will say your WordPress username, select the change button, followed by Facebook logo in the top right corner of the little box. This will post your comments through your Facebook account, sharing it with the group. This isn’t mandatory but heavily recommended, as ultimately the more linked is to our other social media outlets, the more views we get.

For anyone who is posting pictures with their content, please assure yourself to either use google images with the advanced search settings set to allow only images with “Labelled for noncommercial reuse”, or please put the source of the image beneath it, at the top of your article, or at the bottom. This is to help protect the site against any fees that can be sent our way by angry authors or google. Thank you for your cooperation!

This page will be updated later as seen fit. Please check every once in a while for new information.