Find Your Passion

Having a passion is a wonderful thing. It fills up a part of you that needs filling. If you leave this part of yourself empty, your life will eventually be boring. I do think that passion is a thing everyone should have whether its art, sports, music, acting or whatever else. Passion and drive makes people succeed better at life. A passion will discipline you and will prepare you for life as a whole.

Using my own example, I used to be really bad at school. I didn’t have much and I felt like I had no potential but then I found a passion for physical conditioning. I started going to the gym at my school and I felt amazing. I was, by this point, jumping out of bed in the morning because I was excited to go to school, knowing that by day’s end, I was going to workout. Thanks to the gym, I understood the importance of hard work. Then, I applied this notion to school and it all became easier and I felt better about myself.

My friends, find your passion, see the results and enjoy your life,

By: Jean-Philippe Dumas