Sex-Valentine’s Day (18+)

Is it just me or are all the valentine decorations in the streets making you sick?

I mean, I know how nice and kind it is to show the people you love that you actually do love them, but then I take a look at the sales in stores (ex: “Buy 2, get 1 off“) showing a nice balloon with a box of chocolates and I wonder: “Is this love?“ or is it just love of our wallets.

So love has a price: “I’ll spend 500$ on a tiny, shiny thing and then she will know that I love her“…said no guy ever…

“Shit! I’ve to spend 500$ on that stupid, tiny, shinny thing so I can f*** her!” Perhaps this statement seems more real…

This all leads to an interesting question: are we buying love on Valentine’s? Or, rather, are we buying sex on Valentine’s day?

I’m sure, being a girl, that we all expect something very romantic like a bunch of roses with a nice homemade dinner, candles and wine- and why not? Maybe something like 50 Shades of Grey tickets, no?

And I’m sure, because I’ve got a lot of male’s friends, that they expect a sexy selfy with a slight chance of a happy ending.

It’s nothing new to say that men and women are different, buy yeah deep down we want the same, to feel loved and show it (maybe… with sex… am I right?)

Men are visual creatures, they see something and they like it or not.

Women are intellectual creatures (I’m not saying we’re smarter), we need words that sometimes seem silly like: you are my love, and my moon and my stars and my forever and my eternity and blablabla. And of course, they would love to say all this things to us while we balance a glass of champagne on our ass, and it’s no secret that we do like to feel sexy for them.

And unless you make a choice of not celebrating this day–and I could understand why…– you’ll just have to live through and survive it. So why not have a little fun while you’re at it?

In conclusion, here are the steps to have good Valentine’s Day sex…I mean a good Valentine’s Day:

  • Remember that surprises are always good. Whether you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, you should think of what can make him/her feel happy (because yeah, happiness is the desired outcome).
  • Think about a good date. This doesn’t mean you have to spend 500$.
  • Remember that men and women have different needs but in the end we all want the same thing.
  • Admit to yourself that being romantic might not be such a bad idea after all (it’s hard to admit it; even I consider myself a very unromantic person).
  • Use Protection!

Author’s note: if you are single please don’t go to watch 50 Shades of Grey alone! PLEASE! DON’T! Remember there is nothing bad with been single, it means freedom, and freedom means you can do whatever you want with whoever you want.

Maybe that is the reason why we have to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is a very silly, stupid and commercial day but we can take positives from it, if you can’t fight the enemy, might as well join him, right?

Let’s live through the month of the love, making fun of it while enjoying it at the same time.

PS:Don’t do anything cheesy(!) and be open to your sexy imagination.

By: Marduu