The Cheapest (but Legal) Taekwondo Tactics

This also works...

In sports, there are plenty of ways to play dirty which usually escape the ref’s notice – whether it’s holding in football, biting in Water-polo or faking an injury in soccer. As with these sports, there are a lot of strategies in Tae Kwon Do which, though not technically ‘cheating’, are pushing it, and will probably infuriate your opponent. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you three of the cheapest things you can do in a Tae Kwon Do match.

1- Jamming
Jamming is when you move in next to your opponent at such a tight distance that it prevents them from being able to do anything about it. If you want to be nasty about this one, try moving back quickly and hitting him with a rapid kick.

2- Punching
Not a lot of people know that you can actually score points with punches, as long as it’s a good punch to the torso area. This can be especially cheap if you run in and just give your opponent a flurry of good punches, cancelling any possible actions on their part. Be careful when using this technique, though – if you repeat the same technique a bunch of times consecutively, the judges will stop keeping track of points you score with punches.

3- Surprise kicks to the head
If you are 15 years old or higher, you can try this one out. One of the cheapest things you can possibly do is to surprise an opponent with a well-timed kick to the head, because a head kick is worth 2 (possibly 3) points and if you knock him out, you win automatically! Try doing this with a spinning kick to get more points and induce more rage in your opponent.

Well, there you have it, three of the cheapest tricks in the book. Hope you enjoyed that – if you liked it, I may do more just like it in the near future.